Alicia Terzian’s lecture at Gulbenkian Auditorium Nr 2 confirmes once more her important personality and talent as a composer.

Diario de Noticias, Lisbon (Portugal)

We listened to Alicia Terzian’s work in her lecture thus providing that, besides her eloquency she posesses a great talent as a composer.

El Excelsior (México)

“Shantiniketan” is a kind of ceremony in which the audience is involed and linked to the dialogue of the flute, lights, movements, sound and ethereal choreography.

L.F. – Paese Sera, Roma (Italy)

 Alicia Terzian is a great composer. G. F. Ghedini (Italy)

 Alicia Terzian’s “Voces” has a high drammatic power, intense humanity that involves the audience which applauded her ceaselessly.

N. Cabrera – Clarín, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

 “Carmen criaturalis” by Alicia Terzian is an intelligent music with certain savage and primitive tone with an inmense power to convince and a mysterious energy. C.Magrini – El Cronista, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

 Alicia Terzian’s “Visual Symphony” gives strenght to the visual imagines, penetrating into the secret knowledge of the sounds. Her work leads a new significance in music.

L’Unitá, Roma (Italy)

Alicia Terzian’s “Atmospheres” for two pianos expresses eloquently the inmense creative capacity of the Argentine composer.

Diario de Noticias, Lisbon (Portugal)

 Alicia Terzian conducted the Chamber Orchestra of Aosta. Terzian, together with the orchestra players and soloist Oscar Alessi – duly motivated – gave life to an excellent performance , perfectly connected to the spirit of the work. While listening it was very difficult to remain seated because we were tempted to stand up and dance.

P.Gall – La Stampa, Roma (Italy)

 Alicia Terzian has a double vocation as composer and conductor with such a talent that is recognized today as one of the most dynamic personalities of the avantgarde contemporary music.

Louise Vallin – Femme, Geneve (Switzerland)

Alicia Terzian’s “Voces II” confirmes that she is a talented, delicate and passionate composer.

Daniel Robellaz, Geneve (Switzerland)

The most individual pieces, however, were those involving texts such as “Voices” by Alicia Terzian (conductor of the Grupo Encuentros) in which the tiny quotations from various poets, sung by mezzosoprano Marta Blanco, generated constant shifts and emphasys in the music (including a tape component).

Meirion Bowen, The Guardian, London (UK)

Leading her group, Alicia Terzian conducted accurately and tirelessly. The Argentine contemporary music finds in her a great encouraging figure, a Latin equivalent to our Diego Masson or Paul Mefano. Her concert was one of the most captivating examples of the Festival.

La Nouvelle de Orleans (France)


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