46th International Encuentros Festival 2014



Artistic Direction: Alicia Terzian
The ENCUENTROS FESTIVAL start in 1968 and continue diffusing the music of our century in the highest creative and interpretive level either in Buenos Aires
and around our country as well as in the world offering to the public the opportunity to have a “Encounters” with the music and musicians of our country
and its century …….

A really huge task fulfilled respecting each of the protagonists of the musical world, whether in our country and abroad.

In 46 years we give wings to our “dreams”, we gave presence to our music and musicians in the world and we fill very proud .

The 46th Encuentros International Festival 2014 – Breaking Boundaries – began on Saturday May 10 with the Seminary Choir which 100 choir directors across
the country including Chile and Mexico were enrolled.

He was in charge of one of the most outstanding choir directors in the

world: GWYN WILLIAMS , a welsh musician very well known and one important
personality on the international professional environment.

Next Saturday May 17 at 6pm in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Law will be the opening concert of our 46th season 2014 and will feature
the participation of the Choir MusicaQuantica that will be led in the 1st part by the active participants of the Choir Seminar and in the second part GWYN
WILLIAMS will conduct the ” Hymn to St. Cecilia ” by Benjamin Britten.

In August 2014 the ” Encuentros Festival ” will project the most important films internationally awarded and dedicated to important contemporary artists
and performers.

On August 4 will begin with two major films : “Une autre ville ‘(a film by Italian film maker Carlo Ippolito performed on
an unpublished work by Arnold Schonberg ) and “L’ Atelier Ullmann “,which illustrates an important work of this Austrian composer who
wrote this fascinating work with poems by Rainer Maria Rilke being in a concentration camp in July 1944 .Some years after was deported to Auschwitz where
he died.

On August 11 is projected a film entitled ” Keith Jarrett: The Art of Improvisation ” as a true example of a great
popular musician who is both comoser and opens paths of improvisation on the piano.

On August 18 will offer two films : “Tooth paste” ( an opera 6 minutes, comic and … well resolved on an absurd topic
… ) and “Looking Glass” , which shows the composer Philip Glass who compose concerts , operas , music for films in his studio in New
York surrounded by photos, memories partitions …. plus a piano …. always next to the phone and connecting it with the world. Show us Philip Glass that
goes from New York to London , from Paris to Boston and Eric Darmon with his camera shows us all his gestures .

On September 8 will be the premiere of the film “Le Chant des ondes “. The “Song of the Waves” is a
musical documentary by Canadian director Caroline Martel, produced in collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada and released in 2012 during the
International Documentary Film of Montréal . Through the use of archival footage, interviews and musical performances, this film presents the work of
the musician, composer , engineer and inventor Maurice Martenot and especially the history of the musical instrument the Ondes Martenot .

This documentary won the First Prize of the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2013 and will be presented in Latin America premiere in our Festival with
the presence of its director Caroline Martel.

Each one of the 4 sessions of films will be followed by a discussion led by argentine critic Marcelo Zapata and who will be invited leading intelectual
personalities including filmmakers, composers as well as of the culture of our country.

The Concerts series wil start on August 25 with the concert of the Conjunto Ritmus, conducted by Arauco Yepes and Diana Lopszyc as a piano
soloist. Works:G.Grisey(1a.aud),I.Aretz,K.Stockhausen(1a.aud),I.Urrutia(1a.aud), A.Yepes(estreno),P.Freiberg(estreno),M.Lambertini and D.Grela .

On September 1st will be GRUPO ENCUENTROS concert:Marta Blanco, Claudio Espector , Sergio Polizzi , Carlos Nozzi , Fabio Mazzitelli,
Matias Tchicourel and Arauco Yepes under Alicia Terzian with a program that includes the premiere of ” Neuma ” work for flute soloist by the japanese
composer M. Kwang Ho Cho,who receive the First Prize of the International Composers Competition in Geneva 2013.The program includes works B.Maderna (1st aud ), Y. Xenakis (1st aud ), Eva Lopszyc , J.Viera , S.Ranieri , W.Wagner and D.Shostakovich .
On September 15 the Armenian / Swiss pianist Eva Aroutunian , Director of the Geneva Conservatory of Music and solo pianist of the Paul
Klee Ensemble (Switzerland) propose an interesting programm that includes a “Dialogue ” between the works by Juan Sebastian Bach and Gyorg Kurtag as
well as works by K.Stockhausen , P.Eotvos (1st aud ) L.Berio and S.Prokofieff .
On September 22 will pplay the Franco-Swiss pianist Philippe Chanon ( ViceDirector of the Conservatory of Geneva) and the Argentine /
Swiss pianist Adrian Kreda (Dean of Piano at the Conservatory of Geneva).Works by M.Ohana ,J.Ph.Rameau , C.Debussy ,O.Messiaen , J.Aguirre , J.Cage and A.Ginastera .
On September 24 at the Auditorium Roberto García Morillo of the argentina Conservatory the pianists:Eva Aroutunian,Philippe Chanon
and Adrian Kreda will present a concert including works for solo piano
as well as for 4 and 6 hans works.
On September 29 the duo Marta Blanco (mezzo ) and Enrique Premoli (piano ) will offer the last concert of the 2014 Encuentros season with
a program dedicated to the Centenary of the First World War ( 1914-2014 )which will include works by F.Busoni , R.Vaughan Williams, D.Shostakovich ,
E.Elgar , R.Hageman ,Padre, N.Boulanger , A.Mahler , R.Strauss and a popular Italian Song about the 1st World War
Between 19 and 23 May , GWYN WILLIAMS will give a Coral Seminary in the City of Trelew dedicated to the Youth Choirs of the argentine provinces of Chubut ,
Santa Cruz and Rio Negro .***

Pianists Eva Aroutunian, Philippe Chanon and Adrian Kreda will give a Seminars at the Music Schools of the Universities of San Juan and Mendoza as well as
one Piano concert.


The 23rd of September the Swiss pianists Eva Aroutunian , Philippe Chanon and Adrian Kreda invited by the Department of Music and Music Arts (DAMUS ) of the National Institute of Arts ( IUNA ), will give a Seminar dedicated to the french music ( Philippe Chanon ); F.Chopin ,romantic and argentine
music ( Adrian Kreda ) and baroque, classical and contemporary music ( Eva Aroutunian )
Parallel to these activities , the Encuentros Foundation organizes a new edition of the Argentine Composition Contest :TRINAC ( Argentine Tribune of
composers ) and TRIME (Electroacustic Argentine Tribune),who’s selected works will represent Argentina at the ” World New Music Days Festival “(
WNMD) to be held in Slovenia in 2015 under the auspices of the International Society for Contemporary Music ( ISCM ) .


Since 1968 the ENCUENTROS FOUNDATION develop in our country, as well as around the world, a very important work diffusing the contemporary music and
musicians to the public in free entrance concerts.
In the last 45 years we present more than 720 concerts with 250 musicians as soloists, different chamber ensembles, choirs,orchestras and conductors, 220
Seminars and more than 320 Argentine compositions were awarded at the TRINAC / TRIME competitions and 110 of the winning works actively participated at the
International Rostrum of Composers (TIC/ITC) from 1979 to 2006 as well as at the Festivals organized by the International Society for Contemporary Music
(from 1979 on).
Alicia Terzian present 2.550 emissions concerning the contemporary music at different radios of our country : National Radio, Radio Buenos Aires , Radio
Cultura and Radio Cultura Musical (from 1968 to 2010 , etc.).Since 1979 till now the Grupo Encuentros give a concerts of argentine and latinamerican music in more than 320 festivals and concert halls across 5 continents: all America ( from the North tol the South),in Europe till Russia , Armenia as well as the north european countries and on in Asia and South Africa. This is a very important action that is important to remember ,recognize, acknowledge and disseminate ……

We did it with the support of private sponsors who have supported our action in these 46 years, and who appreciate their confidence in our Encuentros .

Board of Directors
Fundacion Encuentros Internacionales de Musica Contemporanea

(Buenos Aires,Argentina)

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