Grupo Encuentros Reviews (2)

Newspaper La Opinion (Granada, Spain)
LAY journalist says: “The Grupo Encuentros opened the Days of Contemporary Music Theatre José Tamayo developing a musical show titled ‘The narrative force, Borges and the music of Buenos Aires’. They presented the multifacetismo of Argentina music through the extraordinary Meetings Group comprised of leading Argentine musicians ”

ABC (Sevilla, Spain)
Andrés González Barba says: “The Grupo Encuentros held at the Granada Theatre Alahambra and today in Central Seville his No. 30 and his 300 concert tour. Besides Borges program presented three other programs Meetings reviewing music of Berio, Boulez, Berg, Terzian, among others, performed with great skill ”

El Mundo (Sevilla, Spain)
Juan Maria Gutierrez writes: “It was pure pleasure to listen to music Grupo Encuentros, a bastion of Latin American music pose a circular edge around Buenos Aires, music and Jorge Luis Borges trip. Interpreters always musically solid and effective Meetings Group fully let us hear new music.

La Vanguardia (Spain, 2006)
Write Jorge De Persia: “The Catalan Association of Composers opened its season with group meetings, training renowned chamber. In its program, attractive, they joined Spain and Argentina, two distant countries but substantially linked. Great work instruments and mezzo ”

ABC (Spain)
He writes José Luis López López: “The Grupo Encuentros, Alicia Terzian front, a contagious joy communicated to the public by linking Buenos Aires Borges and avant-garde music without borders including electronic and glimpses of concrete music. Group Meetings musicians, impeccable. The mezzo-soprano Marta Blanco, with its dark timbre, is well suited to tearing and melancholy irony that underlies their interventions. One night very full ”

Newspaper La Liberté (Fribourg, Switzerland)
Marie Alix Pleines writes: “The music composed Alicia Terzian as breathing”
“The bright eyes of musical passion of Argentina composer of Armenian origin point one of the rare representatives of Latin American contemporary artist of international renown. He founded the Group
meetings in 1978, it has a catalog of more than 80 works and a resume that boasts “says in the interview, among many other items.

Corriere Della Sera (Milan)
Alberto Riva says, “Borges and the tango, Argentina atmospheres. A poet and his city, a mirror of the other. This panorama of composers and poet has had as interpreter encounters the formidable musicians Buenos Aires Grupo Encuentros led by its leader. The mezzo-soprano, highlight personality in the South American country. Terzian proposed ‘Buenos Aires going to kill me’ and ‘Les Yeux Fertiles’ in which a creative style maturation linking melismatic vocal play with electronics and microtones resolved with great rhythmic richness it shows ”

Journal 24 heures (Switzerland)
Write Mathieu Chenal, “Borges music, a concert of the Grupo Encuentros of Alicia Terzian, composer, musicologist, conductor and director of festival organizer. Great lady of music in Latin America is of passage in Lausanne with his Meetings Group, this excellent set of variable geometry founded in 1978 and since then travel the world ”

Neue Luzerner Zeitung (Switzerland)
“The Grupo Encuentros was presented at the Forum Neue Musik Luzerne with a program dedicated to Borges and Argentina tango music around. Various works of Juan Jose Castro, Terzian, Ginastera, offered an overview of art in Buenos Aires ligand poetry and music ”

Eindhovens Dagblad (Netherlands)
René van Peer titled his note ‘Journey through the passion and confusion’: “Last Sunday a concert around the texts of the greatest Argentine poet, Borges became a surreal trip back and forth with several faces. A memorable concert which they were driving the three parts of ‘Buenos Aires gonna kill me’ Alicia Terzian. It started with a female voice goosebumps while a piano reverberated from afar and conversations seemed to emerge from the walls. Borges text read by actor Willem Schouten and the group shaped a collection of poem and music quality. The tango emerged in different ways. The interpretation was passionate Grupo Encuentros. … ..a Intriguing journey of passion and confusion ”

Gazeta Wyborcza (Warsaw, Poland)
Anna S. Debowska titled his critique: “musical Borges”
“Acting together for more than 20 years spreading contemporary Argentina and Latin American music. The protagonist is Jorge Luis Borges, Buenos Aires and music. The poems by the actor Marek Urbansky, the Grupo Encuentros led by Alicia Terzian who is accompanied by the eminent mezzo Marta Blanco ”

The Daily Nation
Hector says: “The great Bela Bartok, recreated by the Group conference-” The Grupo Encuentros undertook the challenging task of providing the landmark masterpiece by the great Hungarian master ‘Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion’ ‘Contrasts’ and unfamiliar songs , jewels that were interpreted with commendable technique Marta Blanco. The Meetings Group evinced its exhibition virtuosic skill with great balance and trim ”

Tribune de Geneve (Switzerland)
Robellaz Daniel writes: “The great lady returns. Wonderful music, soul of contemporary music throughout Latin America, Alicia Terzian returns to Geneva with Grupo Encuentros, along with the one who had made a great impression in 1989. René meetings Vaud, its artistic director had baptized ‘Hence and there ‘corresponds to the image of Alicia Terzian, pendulum between Buenos Aires and the Suisse Romande ”

Journal Daily Post (Liverpool)
Ian Skidmore writes: “The meetings led by Alicia Terzian Group offered a program of tango, old and new, its poetry, its sadness, in a concert held at the Theatre Ardudwy Harlech in which shone the singer Marta Blanco”

Le Figaro (Paris)
“The Grupo Encuentros led by Alicia Terzian gave a concert at UNESCO beginning a new international tournée. Took place with a superb interpretation of latinomericanas works at the Maison des Cultures du Monde. This concert was performed for the benefit of street children ”

Journal Echo (Geneva)
“The walls of the Conservatory of Geneva are not used to hearing the music genre and Alicia Terzian Grupo Encuentros proposed to us on Saturday. The Genevans were wonderfully transported to Latin America by these artists unbelievable, with whom Alicia Terzian works for many years. The program took us from Astor Piazzolla, Horacio Salgán, Lucio Demare and travel this path offered popular songs, some of which are almost a caricature of the rhythms and sounds of the tango. This concert organized by Radio Suisse Romande was a great
success due to the skill of the musicians and their director. The room was packed and the audience cheered these prodigious artists ”

The Daily Nation
Write René Vargas Vera: “musical meeting in Armenia ..
In Yerevan the capital of Armenia Grupo Encuentros that runs the composer Alicia Terzian was co-protagonist of the 2nd International Music Festival organized by the Union of Composers of Armenia and the UNESCO Commission. The Meetings Group acted in the main theater of Yerevan, the Philharmonic, where they offered two concerts: one dedicated to tango and other prestigious contemporary art creators. Long applause crowned both actions, although more challenging and extensive was the one offered in the Chamber Concert Hall of Yerevan. The new Latin American sounds caught the public and the Meetings Group said masterfully ”

Daily Tribune de Geneve (Switzerland)
Write Daniel Robellaz; “Alicia Terzian makes entering the Conservatory … tango in Argentina Tango is a field and a tango of the city, Buenos Air Grupo Encuentros es. It is the latter that Alicia Terzian and Meetings Group presented Saturday at the Conservatory of Music in
Geneva before flying to Paris, London and across Europe. What is a tango ?: a subtle interplay between life and death, adorably melodic but rough inside passing from tenderness to despair, loss of love, joy to pain, nostalgia to tears. This concert retain the ‘Tango moon’ of Tiensuu, ‘Buenos Aires going to kill me’ Alicia Terzian and interpretation of Meetings Group directed precisely Alicia Terzian, poetic and lively ”

Journal CUE (South Africa)
Gwen Ansel says: “Latin America is in fashion and Grupo Encuentros comes to bring an exotic music but that gives the image of reality. Their program ‘New Sounds’ reflected the group’s mission is to promote Latin American music. The program gave rhythms and different, some abstract language, joining other unconventional combinations. We left the concert with the impression mastery of its interpreters, the direction of Alicia Terzian and dramatic richness of Marta Blanco linking power and passion. The two works Terzian ‘An Argentine in Europe’ and ‘Tango blues’ program filled with surprises for the instrumental richness of colors and electronic sounds ”

The Daily Nation
Says René Vargas Vera: “Alicia Terzian and Grupo
Encuentros have undertaken a new challenge in his career outside his contemporary repertoire of art: make classic tangos, but also consistent with proposals presented very interesting postangueros songs like ‘Buenos Aires are you going to killing ‘of Alicia Terzian,’ Tango moon ‘Juca Tienssuu plus’ At the bar like a tango’ Roque de Pedro. In various instrumental combinations musicians demonstrate empathy with the tango ”

The Day newspaper (La Plata)
Giorello Eduardo says: “Tangos and more … is a great album concocted by the alma mater of Grupo Encuentros: Alicia Terzian, in which an attractive musical material revolving around the tango is exposed. Works heard at that pace Terzian, Pedro Roque, Daniel Binelli, showing the search for identity in the Buenos Aires rhythm. The renowned composer, unusually much better known and admired abroad than in their own country, gives us this great witness of tango. Marta Blanco brings the voice of opera singer tango ”

La Gaceta de Tucuman
Alicia Fernandez says: “From the hand of Alicia Terzian, the Grupo Encuentros shelled a beautiful and unique show at the Teatro San Martin. Meetings mounted a
show of great quality and honored the 50th anniversary of Musical September with the visit of the lady of Argentina and Latin American music: Alicia Terzian ”

Black River Journal
Write Juan Rate: “The atonality in master hands”
“One of the summits works of the twentieth century, Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire, was put brilliantly by the Grupo Encuentros. They are performers with a high expressive rigor addressing this complex work. The concert was a recognition for Meetings Group celebrates 30 years of successful career ”

The Daily Nation
Hector Coda says: “Deeply attuned to contemporary languages, meeting musicians led by Alicia Terzian Group have revealed a high degree of professionalism offering highly qualified composed works of Ravel, Boulez, Brouwer, Guastavino and Alicia Terzian program versions. The play ‘Les yeux fertile’ that on a poem by Alicia Terzian wrote Paul Elouard showed an original use of instrumentation and voice reached a successful balance of ”

The Daily Nation
Hector Coda says: “The 30 years of the Grupo
Encuentros are eloquent proof of the success that collects and holds unquestionably today. The musicians who compose it are professionals beachfront and the proposal of this cycle showed Amichai group performance quality in the works of Ravel, Villa Lobos Antunes, Julian Carrillo, was admirable version of Rodolfo Arízaga Cantata ”

The Daily Nation
René Vargas Vera says: “Very few artists in the field of culture in general and music in particular have been able to meet such important roles as reckless and tackle challenges such as those undertaken by the illustrious composer and director Alicia Terzian, allowing you to celebrate the 40 years of the Encounters Foundation. The Grupo Encuentros was born in 1978 when they invite Terzian at the Biennale of Contemporary Music in Zagreb, for which he created the Encounter Group and commissioned works Brand distinguished Argentine colleagues: Graetzer, Ranieri, Wilensky, Rattenbach which joined a premiere creation ”

The Daily Nation
Hector Coda titled his article “Acute look Grupo Encuentros who runs Alicia Terzian on an attractive contemporary repertoire ..” 30 years dedicated to the
opening Group meetings and dissemination of contemporary works and especially by Argentine composers in the country and in the world are eloquent proof of the success achieved. The musicians who compose are frontline professionals. Alicia Terzian has a supple body, whose versatility allows addressing the most diverse expressions. They were admirable version of the ‘Cantata’ of Arizaga and the ‘Song of Vahan’ Alicia Terzian ”

The Daily Nation
He says Hector Coda: “The Soldier’s Tale Stravinsky version Grupo Encuentros and the staging of Suarez Marsal, offered an unforgettable story in commemoration of the 90th anniversary of this work. It was perfect timing for musicians, dancers and actors ”

Ambito Financiero newspaper
Giorello Eduardo says, “Alicia Terzian, remarkable music artist Argentina led the two concerts Group Encounters in Amijai Temple with great technical excellence in a program that brought together works by Berio, Boulez, Britten, Shostakovich and Terzian”

Diario La Nacion (Buenos Aires)
René Vargas Vera entitled “Terzian, encounters new
challenges” Grupo Encuentros
“The Meetings Group is an ensemble that sounds pristine and mezzosoprano Martha White traps us with admirable voice ductility thousand windings whose shells with refinement and delicacy. This is a new achievement of our prestigious composer and director Alicia Terzian and its Grupo Encuentros to assume authority and excellence arduous repertoire of contemporary music that spread here and around the world ”

South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)
Harry Rollnick writes: “The Argentine team Grupo Encuentros showed us the variety of styles of music of the twentieth century original and fascinating. Its director, Alicia Terzian presented the work ‘Voices’ which was certainly the most original. ‘Voices’ takes fragments of poems by different poets Samuel Beckett, Lorca, Neruda and Whitman. The soloist sings each poem on a musical journey between anger and calm, finished the work in a kind of innocence. The concert had its charm, combined with humor, the genius and the quality of the musicians and composers presented ”

El Tiempo (Bogota, Colombia)
“The 3rd Festival of Contemporary Music in Bogotá was
attended by composers and musicians from around the world that took place in 40 functions under the theme ‘New World Music’. Participants of the festival Musical Research Group of France, England Cantamen Trio, soloists and ensembles from the Grupo Encuentros Netherlands and Italy, among which excelled the Group Meetings. ” The journalist Maria Margarita Garcia said: “The Grupo Encuentros offered a complete picture of Latin American music, as well as its most avant-garde repertoire” Article 4 column praising the quality of Meetings Group and its director, as well as references on a reporting aspects of their professional lives. The collaboration of Alicia Terzian and to Encuentros Festival Group was very significant.

Journal Gazette Journal de Geneve and Lausanne (Switzerland)
Perroux writes: “Argentine Music was presented by the Grupo Encuentros with an interest of revealing different modes of expression. The most spectacular and exciting play of the night was Alicia Terzian. His ‘Voices’ is a strongly contrasting score, confronting a woman’s voice to instruments, as well as a multitude of sounds recorded on magnetic strip. Strong and diverse atmospheres of this work concluded this amazing
concert ”

Público (Lisbon)
SCA journalist writes: “The Grupo Encuentros led by Alicia Terzian presented with two concerts at the Rivoli Theatre. In both shows this great set of Argentine chamber allowed us to hear important works of contemporary repertoire.

Politiken (Copenhagen)
Jacoby says the critical Han: “The Argentine musicians brought the Argentina Buenos Aires but not exotic folk air, but with a total modernism contemporary music. The Grupo Encuentros interpreted with colorful and expressive ”

CECILIA Ceron, Director of the International Festival of Contemporary Music in Bogota: “Amid the resonances have left the stars of today’s music, from the 16 countries who visited us, the success of the festival was made possible by keynote speaker at Grupo Encuentros masterfully directed by the director and composer Alicia Terzian, true ambassador of Latin music in the world ”

San Francisco Chronicle (USA)
Robert Commanday says: “It has long not listened to
music by Latin American composers and the event was aimed indomitable Grupo Encuentros and intensely by Alicia Terzian. The five Latin American composers presented are part of the international scene and the work that fascinated us was ‘Song of Songs’ Jorge Liderman he displayed great lyrical beauty and independence. Finally ‘Voices’ of Alicia Terzian showed again singing with feelings of Marta Blanco ”

San Jose Mercury News (US)
Paul Hertelendy He writes: “The Grupo Encuentros contemporary music of Argentina offered an international night at San Jose State University. This ambitious group led by Alicia Terzian and integrated by the mezzo Marta Blanco, offered a varied program with works by Alandia, Tango emotional helplessness of Luis Naón ”

Pittsburgh Post Gazette (United States)
Mark Kanny writes: “Encounters, a refined set of contemporary music of Argentina, founded by its director, composer Alicia Terzian, offered his second concert under the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble Season Among the works the singer Marta Blanco highlighted with his magnificent interpretation of ‘Scream’ Edgar Alandia and concluded with ‘Voices’ of
Terzian with text in different languages ​​covering all ranges of expression in several sections in which Terzian gave voice to its many spirits “

Newspaper The Pittsburgh Press (United States)
Donald Rosenberg writes: “The program presented Terzian with its excellent Grupo Encuentros suggested a different view of South America. Marta Blanco, a mezzo-soprano of great drama was an eloquent soloist in the work of Alandia, as well as meetings with high quality Group explored the various random passages from the work of Campana ”

Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles)
John Henken written (Times Journal staff): “Deeply serious and challenging was the encounter with the music of Latin America offered season Monday Evening Concerts. Alicia Terzian and offered Grupo Encuentros 6 intense works full of drama, energy and dark mysteries. All that the Group was able to offer passion was in the program offered with various works of Latin American composers. Terzian addressed the assembly with quality. He noted in his book ‘Voices’, with texts by various poets, and Marta Blanco shows with drama and intimacy ”

The Post Standard (Syracuse)
Larry McGinn says: “The Grupo Encuentros seven extraordinary musicians dedicated to contemporary music, were invited by the Society for New Music Wednesday Night. Beyond its features, music shows presented broken rhythms, delicate instrumental solos, random times and free tonality. The version of the soloist Marta Blanco of ‘Scream’ Alandia was exciting, her voice has a warm timbre that expanded in the auditorium. It was very exciting. Meetings musicians played firmly and group experience ”

The Guardian (London)
Meirion Bowen: “Viva la Synthetic … three programs presented in the Purcell Room for the superb Meetings Group Grupo Encuentros showed that Latin American composers of the last generation have the ability to keep up with their colleagues in Europe or America North “and continues” the individual work was one that included texts as ‘Voices’ of Alicia Terzian, sung by mezzo-soprano Marta Blanco, high and constant emphasis. What the London Sinfonietta ago by the musical life in Britain, does Meetings Group for Latin America. In the second concert, the leading Grupo Encuentros contemporary music group in Latin America showed the rich creative variety of composers ”

Daily Telegraph (London)
Write Malcolm Hayes: “ancient rhythms, new sounds” was the title of the first of two concerts that the Grupo Encuentros offered in the Purcell Room as part of Live Festival organized by the South Bank Center with the purpose of exploring Latin American culture. A colorful and appealing freshness and winding unmistakable lyrical reminiscences program was one of the hallmarks of virtuoso ensemble directed by Alicia Terzian ”

Diario La Nacion (Buenos Aires)
Emilio Alberto Jimenez says: “Vienna School invaluable session was hosted by the Grupo Encuentros. Schreker’s works, Berg and Webern had a wonderful version that led Terzian authoritative and well seconded by their instrumentalists ”

Diario La Prensa (Buenos Aires)
Silvano Picchi says: “On the eve of his trip to China, the Grupo Encuentros performed a farewell concert with major Argentine works in which he excelled Marta Blanco for his deep conviction and expressive quality of the whole”

Diario La Nacion (Buenos Aires)
“The Grupo Encuentros presented a chamber opera by
Argentine composer Horacio López de la Rosa” Write Hector Coda: “The Second Life was staged at the Little Theatre Boca by the Grupo Encuentros, excellent musicians led by Alicia Terzian, who They encouraged the score of a generic neoclassicism that had good impact on the public ”

Diario Clarín (Buenos Aires)
Pompeyo Camps says: “” The Grupo Encuentros led by Alicia Terzian replied comedy ‘Second Life’ Horacio López de la Rosa. All were characterized, or at least disguise (the party was masked) director Alicia Terzian including complex clad in princely attire embroidered pearl white, perched on a dais of red beacon and buoy. The Grupo Encuentros had an excellent musical performance ”

Daily News, Exelsior Financiero (Mexico)
Notes multiple columns were published in four newspapers titulandolas “Contemporary Latin American musicians with more quality than Europeans: Terzian.” Alberto Salamanca firm and say: “Alicia Terzian and Grupo Encuentros offered an extraordinary concert with contemporary works to internationalize the ‘Year of Argentina Music.

Diario La Republique du Centre (Orleans, France)
“Behold the Buenos Aires Grupo Encuentros stops in Orleans in the framework of the Musical Weeks”
LF writes: “What amazes the Grupo Encuentros and seduces and interested in strength and noise robustness of the 6 musicians in it. The Meetings Group operates the most dynamic with a sound that surrounds and seduces. Alicia Terzian leads the group with a discrete energy, talent and conviction present. She is the soul and the alma mater of the group ”
In Leisure (Mexico, 1988) Journal critic Alejandro Elias Guzman in his interview titled “Push forward the new music but do not forget their roots: Alicia Terzian” and continues his long article and interview by saying: “After his valuable contribution the 10th International Forum of New Music that takes place in Mexico City and minutes before leaving for Buenos Aires, Alicia Terzian, an analysis of the new face of contemporary music called calling it art at all times.

Diario La Prensa (Buenos Aires)
Silvano Picchi signature “Los Encuentros travel to China”
He states: “The Grupo Encuentros with its director Alicia Terzian gave a farewell concert before his tour to China at the invitation of the Ministry of Culture and the
China Musicians Association, in order to provide audiences in the country’s Far East a Argentina panoramic view of creativity in music. The five instruments that make up the Grupo Encuentros Alicia Terzian and singer Marta Blanco offered their program with skill and expressive conviction.

Daily Stuttgarter Zeitung (Germany)
Grimmel Werner Müller writes: “The erotic and the tragic, the Grupo Encuentros is a group of top quality, acting under the direction of composer Alicia Terzian Argentina. The proposed program showed a new generation of American composers who are tired or folklorismos boxed into nationalism, but are determined to take part of an evolution that occurs worldwide. Older laurels of the program are to Alicia Terzian who had prepared with great responsibility all works and he set his precise and concise serving an impeccable interpretation baton.

Daily Der Morgen and Neu Zeit (Berlin, Germany)
Schonse Werner writes: “The Grupo Encuentros was in Berlin as part of the Contemporary Music 11ªBienal the Democratic Republic of Germany, causing an impression. Under the direction of Alicia Terzian Argentine musicians made gala of expertise and
technique in the interpretation of works by Leo Brouwer, Manuel Enriquez, among other composers presented. Nevertheless, ‘Voices’ of Terzian garnered all the praise for the great harmony that is achieved by melting the instrumental music, singing and electronics ”

Blad newspaper Limburgs Dag (Netherlands)
“The Grupo Encuentros led by Alicia Terzian gave a concert in the Auditorium of the Conservatory of Maastricht with a program of contemporary music varied showing great virtuosity from the interpreters”

The Journal Gazette (Montreal)
Eric Maclean writes: “Latin American music shines”
“The Grupo Encuentros gave a concert in the Hall Alfred – La Liberté carefully directed by the composer Alicia Terzian. The five musicians displayed great flexibility and technical quality covering vast musical territory of languages ​​proposed in this concert “

Journal Le Droite (Ottawa, Canada)
J. van Vlasselaer says: “It is worth recalling that contemporary music is not limited by the triangle of old Europe, North America and Japan, for South America, particularly Argentina, is a cultural center of primary importance not only for the performers but by their
composers. The Grupo Encuentros who runs Alicia Terzian has persuasively prove the importance of South continent at a concert held at the Espace Musique ‘series. A large audience gave a warm response to applause as the first order of this South Americans ”

The Globe and Mail (Toronto, Canada)
Write John Kraglund: “The program of Grupo Encuentros under the ISCM Festival took place at the Premiere Dance Theatre. We must say with emphasis that this is a virtuoso ensemble that gave us an overview of the important Latin American music. Had the contrasting interpretations and virtuoso of each of the works offered lyrical ”

Newspaper The Citizen (Ottawa, Canada)
Jacob Siskind writes: “The public of Montreal and Toronto congratulated us for the quality of our care set by how we present the various works. We have no secrets: it is the result of hard work “or Alicia Terzian we said in the lobby of the theater of Ottawa where he gave his concert. “Terzian is a great exponent of contemporary music in his own country with his group meetings and in Europe too. He is a composer, director and musicologist dedicated to promoting the cause which is the current music. The Grupo Encuentros
featured two extremely important and attractive stimulants concert that captured the public ”
Washington Post (United States)
F. Warren O’Reilly writes: “The Grupo Encuentros was presented performing works by 8 Latin American composers under the direction of Alicia Terzian, composer and performer of great repute in which joins its interpretative jurisdiction to direct this together with energy and add small comments, in the absence thereof in the program. The Meetings Group consists of virtuous masterfully dominating the complexities and challenges of the various musical works ”
Radio TV Magazine (Lausanne)
CLD writes: “Alicia Terzian and five Argentine musicians” and says: “Extraordinary opening of the season in Lausanne ISCM Grupo Encuentros with Alicia Terzian, already well known by the Swiss public.

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